About me

My name is João 🗣, I'm from Portugal and I'm a fullstack developer with a focus on frontend development.

After more than 4 years working in different projects, I realized that I should be providing my time and energy to companies doing something that really matters instead of just trying to be the next unicorn and having pizza fridays. I realize that the world problems are not solved with tech, though - they are mostly socio-political - but I would like to help out as I can.

I come from Portugal but you might find me in Germany for extended amounts of time. I'm currently a freelance developer until I find something really interesting to work on.

I care a lot about libre software. I'm a 24/7 Linux user and so far I don't see a reason to change that. I find it very unfortunate that Apple dominates most of the tech scene. I thought developers were supposed to be more informed and curious, but instead most have settled for closed software in walled garden environments.

I'm also very interested in Internet Privacy. Yes, I'm from the 5% that stuck to using Firefox 🦊🌍 even in the dark times. But it's getting much better - arguably the best! I also believe we will finally see a post-google environment in the next years, where Google no longer has the lion's share of search, browser, and phone markets.

Finally, I care a lot about human and animal rights. I've been mostly vegetarian for almost ten years, and vegan for the past 4. I love browsing recipe blogs and subreddits and trying alternative ingredients that make people show the funniest facial expressions when they hear about them. Did you know you can use the water from a can of chickpeas as replacement for eggs in a merengue?

About this website

This website was made using Gatsby, a static webpage generator, and Netlify, a webhost, site builder and CMS backend. Through Gatsby, it is powered by ReactJS, GraphQL, and markdown.

Gatsby allows me to write my posts and everything in markdown and render them in a custom website. Netlify is both my host, my site builder and my CMS. It provides an admin interface where I can edit my website content without editing any code, and then pushes the new content back to git. I just think they are neet.