My name is João, I'm from Portugal and I'm a fullstack developer with a focus on frontend development. This is my personal website where you can read about me, my short professional work, and my hobby projects.


  • MyHF Bus App
    My local Bus company has an app and a website with terrible interfaces. But they actually have interesting just-in-time info if you know how to scrape it. I used Expo to quickly create a React Native prototype.
  • Regresso
    My entry for the 2019 edition os JS13k game jam. Regresso is a clicker game where you have a series of actions and tasks. Gameplay is about 5-10 minutes if you don't screw up.
  • Signalmon
    Signalmon was my entry for the 2018 edition of 13kjs Game competition. It's a javascript web game where you have a little pet that feeds off of flies and the flies feed off of wifi. The whole game is 13KB.
  • Time Tracker
    When I started freelancing, I wanted a simple tool to track my time working and my breaks. I'm not usually paid by the hour, but I wanted to have an idea of how many hours I'm working per day. So I started exploring a basic UI for that.